The McLaren MP4-31 exceeded the 'crash-test' FIA


The Mclaren MP4-31 is now ready to compete. The new chassis of the McLaren-Honda has passed the ‘crash-test’ of the FIA and therefore it has received the relevant type approval to compete from now on in the pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and in the Big Awards of the season 2016 Formula 1. The team meets the deadlines and gives a step more in the intense pre-season that you are living in the Woking and that will take them to to present the new car on February 21, on the eve of the first test in Barcelona.

McLaren has exceeded the ‘crash-test’ of the AIF in the facilities enabled by the agency in Cranfield, a town near Milton Keynes. After passing these tests, and with the approved of the new chassis under the arm, begin days of maximum stress in Woking as there are that assemble the cars for its debut in Barcelona. A state that is not new as during the christmas holidays, some of the workers of the british team had to do ‘extra hours’, were eight work shifts for a period of five days to get within the time limits studied.

Few data on the McLaren MP4-31, and will wait until your presentation to see the design line taken by the people of Woking, although according to statements heard during 2015, the car should be an evolution of the MP4-30 in terms of chassis. The team finished satisfied with the performance offered during the last season and even the own pilots came to say that they had one of the best chassis on the grid. Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will be able to check on your progress from the 22 February, with the start of the test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.