The McLaren MP4-31 will be among the top 5 according to Johansson

Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson, the ex-pilot Swedish McLaren in 1987, believes that McLaren will be able to reverse the situation in 2016 and not have another season as difficult as 2015. Johansson hopes that this winter will be a big leap in quality and it is quite optimistic, considering that Woking should be able to position the MP4-31 among the top 5 of the grid in the next championship.

Johansson has own blog and he has claimed that he is in agreement with what was said Newey: “Yes, I think you’re going to make a big jump next year. Its performance has been so bad in 2015 that is not going to be difficult for them to find an improvement quite large. With the resources they have I’m sure they will move on to a series of computers and will be one of the five best teams easily.“.

Alonso GP Japón 2015in Addition, it was pilot Swedish, believes that McLaren-Honda will score with regularity in 2016: “I Think that going to be scoring regularly, but it is clear that the more close you are to the front, the more difficult it is to win on a regular basis as they used to do.“. With this you want to make it clear that there is no going over optimism, and that the better your car is, the more it costs to improve it.Maybe you can improve seconds as stated by Boullier, but are the last few tenths that the more they cost.

there are several times in the paddock that have cited your optimism and believe that the MP4-31 over and above the MP4-30, slow and unreliable, and that has served them only to be faster than the Manor, which has been the worst year in the history of McLaren in Formula 1. Without a doubt overcome this is relatively simple, but in Woking do not want to exceed this, they want to do something more than that….