The McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme kicked off in the Circuit of Montmeló

The higher echelons of society, those with a purchasing power out of the ordinary, have among their privileges the experiences of driving the most brutal in the world. One of them has given beginning this weekend at the Circuit of Montmeló, Catalonia, where he has since beginning the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme.


The mounts ready to be put to the limit on the asphalt of the Circuit de Catalunya

Their participants to take months to train in simulators with the intention of getting used to the extraordinary performance of a McLaren P1 GTR. This beast is clear of any limitations of official and creates lmachine circuit short, with almost 1,000 horsepower.

Put grate so much cavalry is serious business, and that’s why the pilots, the well-heeled riders, have entered into a program created to bring to light their maximum capacities of driving. To achieve this they have had a team of professionals from McLaren, of the division MSO, which have been in charge of managing the effort of the pilots.

Surprisingly all the participants have been rolling around in times very similar to those achieved in the simulator, thus demonstrating the extreme reality achieved by these devices. The ex-pilot of Formula 1, Bruno Senna, he carried out the work of pilot guide, marking a first lap time to which the participants had to approach.


The lucky owners rolled in perfect conditions

Sure that everyone will be left wanting more, and the truth is that they are not going to wait very long for that so be it. In the next few months, the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme will participants and cars to travel half the world, being able to roll on circuits like SPA, Monza, Sepang, Silverstone and Yas Marina, among a few others. The miracles that can work the money…