The McLaren P1 LM is done with the record at Goodwood

McLaren P1 LMwe met Him last week, the McLaren P1 LM became the supercar most extreme for the street of the brand of Woking. This is a P1 GTR that has been approved to roll on the road open with the help of Lanzante. Just come to the sale of five units and the prototype was this past weekend in the Festival of Speed Goodwood.

But he was not only, but also triumphed in this event, beating a new record for a street car. The McLaren P1 LM took only 47,07 seconds through the 1,86 kilometers that way the climb to Goodwood. The pilot in charge of getting this brand was Kenny Bräck and now all that we were not there, you can enjoy your driving on video.

As can be seen, is impressive as in behaves the P1 LM in this narrow path. The pilot on occasion will find it difficult to control the 1000 HP of power that come from the hybrid system formed by the V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters and an electric motor. In addition to this issue is 60 kg lighter that the P1 GTR and has increased downforce by 40%.

Although it may seem a lie after watching the video, the McLaren P1 LM has not been the fastest car at Goodwood. In the category of vehicles only for circuit emphasized a Subaru Impreza very prepared, driven by Olly Clark got to do 46,29 seconds. In third position came Toyota Tundra prepared, which was a time of 50,44 seconds.

Source – Goodwood