The melting of the catalogue: as well spent 120,000 euros in options in a Ferrari 458 Italia

When we tested cars of the press, usually come loaded with options. In many cases, the options exceeding € 10,000 or even € 20,000 cars premium. But does not reach the level of the amount of extras that you can put a car like a Ferrari 458 Italia. A few years ago, the YouTube channel of Goodwood, he recorded a video that shows us a 458 Italia with almost 92.000 pounds in extras. To 120,000 euros at the exchange. What have spent the money? This is what happens when we say “yes to all” in the configurator.

accessories in carbon fiber add up to more than 65,000 euros to the base price of the Ferrari, already higher than 200,000 euros.

What is certain is that this unit of the Ferrari 458 Italia was equipped up to the bars. A “full-equip” as is said around these parts. Several kits carbon fiber take the bulk of the extra price, although we should also not forget the navigation computer, parking sensors, or tires. Paint or details of interior finish add up to a lot of money individually, with amounts small. The result has been a Ferrari 458 Italia only, a price of more than 350,000 euros.

For that price, we could have bought a Lamborghini Aventador “peeled”. This video only demonstrates one thing: the extras are obscenely expensive, and leave a profit margin huge to the brand. is More than 800 euros for a small plate with the Italian flag? is Almost 400 euros for a little yellow wire? I will end with a phrase, the definition of price: “the amount of money that an individual is willing to pay for a fine.” There you have it.

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