The Mercedes #90 leads the way to the Superpole in Spa


The grill of the 24 Hours of Spa begins to take shape after the dispute of the two qualifying sessions Thursday. Although the 20 best GT3 still must be played the positions of privilege, a large portion of the riders already know the position of the output face of the race. In this aspect, Raffaele Marciello has been the fastest with the Mercedes #90 after marking a time of 2:18.562, record that has not been surpassed in the classification night in spite of the great return of Frederic Vervisch with the Audi #2, which has led to to lead the classification at night. The two trainings have been marked by an accident and its relevant red flag.

The classification of the 24 Hours of Spa has begun with the session day on which Raffaele Marciello has already laid the groundwork to move on to the superpole with a time of 2:18.562. Already in this first session, the Audi #2 has secured the second position, although, with hindsight, Vervisch was able to roll almost at the same pace. Third of the session and on combined times it was the Ferrari #55 James Calado, while Dani Juncadella placed the Mercedes #88 in the fourth position, just ahead of the Bentley #8 of Andy Soucek, although in this case with Maxime Soulet at the wheel.

classification daytime ended precipitously after the crash of Kamui Kobayashi at Eau Rouge. The japanese rider lost control of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #00 and impacting against the barriers just five minutes from the end. The red flag put an end to the session and served as a tie to the start with the delay of the classification of the night. A session in the darkness of Spa that started in the same way, since Matthew Parry with problems in the Nissan #22 also had just pressed up against the wall, in this case at the inner side, in Eau Rouge.


After marking the pattern in the free and in the pre-classification, the Lamborghini Hurricane #63 has been sixth, although the best time of Mirko Bortolotti has come in the night session, where he has been the second fastest rider. That record has enabled him to surpass Jordan Pepper, who has followed in his footsteps with the Bentley #9 and the Aston Martin #97, the best classification of the Pro-Am Cup and eighth ranked all. The top 10 have closed Luke Ordóñes with the Nissan #23 and Franck Perera with the Mercedes #84. In the case of the Spanish pilot, has yielded best in the Spa night.

The vast majority of favorites have not failed in your appointment with the superpole and they have occupied the top ten positions. Albert Costa has placed the Jaguar #14 in the eleventh square, just ahead of the BMW #99 and the Ferrari #50. The Audi #75 and #76 of ISR have also added their ranking, as the #Bentley 7. Three other Audi -amongst which is that of Antonio Garcia – and the Porsche #117 have been tasked with completing a Top 20 in which there is the Audi #5 of Fässler, Lotterer and Vanthoor (21), the Mercedes #85 (26) or the Ferrari of Miguel Molina (28). For his part, the top #16 Miguel Toril will start in the 39th position.