The Mercedes-AMG E63 will have a Drift Mode to get your back to walk

the family, The more radical of the Class And you will soon see the light, surprising all and sundry

We are faced with one of the models more expected from Mercedes. In the next Hall of Detroit will meet the Mercedes-AMG E63 2017. And we say that is expected because it has always been considered as one of the best sedans sport in the world, next to the spectacular BMW M5.

Little by little we have been knowing how it would be the new beast from Mercedes. The E63 to debut a completely new powertrain. The block will be the V8 4.4-liter biturbo engine, which assembles the Mercedes AMG GT. However, on this occasion, the power will grow to a dizzying 612 horsepower of the E63 S.

Obviously, and given the high performance figures of power and torque, Mercedes has not had more remedy than to incorporate a system 4MATIC all-wheel-drive to be able to derive all this power to the asphalt in a more controlled and peaceful. This means that the beast will be domesticated, although it doesn’t have what.


The E63 will have an aesthetic of their own, much more aggressive and extreme

And is that engineers and developers do not want that the Mercedes E-Class a more radical lose one iota of its dynamic qualities. And this is why think to implement in the ecu of the car a Drift Mode. A map engine that will regulate components like the steering, the throttle and the awd.

apparently, the program will be so aggressive that will be able to divert 100% of the torque to the rear wheels. If you do memory, this system we have seen this before, although on a smaller scale. The Ford Focus RS already has that Drift Mode, and that insurance has served as an example for the German devs.

The reality is that it presents a epic battle in terms of sedans to high performance is referred to. The E63, along with its variant family the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, will form a team that will beat the BMW M5, 2017 and the renewal of the Audi RS 6 Avant, which for the moment do not have date of arrival.


despite the power and awd the E63 will still be able to drift