The Mercedes-AMG GT Cabrio wheel already on the Nürburgring (and I have hunted in video)

With the launch of the Mercedes-AMG GT R got a good wave of rumors that pointed strongly to the arrival of new alternatives of the sporty Mercedes, the Mercedes-AMG GT. Options even more sports, all-wheel drive, an electric version… and, of course, the convertible, Mercedes-AMG GT Cabrio.

This convertible version of the Mercedes-AMG GT has already been “hunted” in Nürburgring, in the test, what makes us think that soon, at some point in 2017, we will see this AMG GT cabrio.

we Imagine this variant does not introduce changes other than those typical of their new condition, the fabric top that already hints at it under the camouflage. Therefore we can expect that, under the hood, the V8 4-liter continue to develop 462 horses in the version “normal” and 510 horses in the version S.

how A Mercedes-AMG GT R cabrio?What will take advantage of Mercedes to introduce the all-wheel drive with this variant?

we’ll Have to wait to know the performance news that we have booked Mercedes to 2017.