The Mercedes AMG GT R is left to see in these spy photos


The Mercedes-AMG GT-R will arrive in summer

Mercedes-AMG GT R erupts in our section of spy photos. The new variant even more sporty, the Mercedes-AMG GT is expected to be launched in the summer, but we already have some images that give us clues to their design and mechanical.

A Mercedes-AMG GT3 for the road

For the images, we observe that the prototype will be something like a version of street the radicalized Mercedes-AMG GT3 unveiled in Geneva, and prepared exclusively for the professional game.

In this vehicle Mercedes walks through the snow-we recognize that main grille of greater size design with vertical bars, added aerodynamic on the ends of the bumper -also new-design – allegedly manufactured in carbon fiber as the GT3 and side skirts, while at the back a look large rear spoiler, new diffuser and massive tails exhaust located in the center.


Your back view looks like a new spoiler, diffuser and exhaust outlets central

All indications are that his mechanics will respect the propellant 4.0 V8 biturbo of the latest model signed by Mercedes-AMG, but with an important increase of power up to 550 CV. To his favor, not only will have 40 HP extra compared to the Mercedes-AMG GT S (510 HP) if that also is expected to reduce weight, so that its performance will improve considerably making it all a beast straight out of the circuit to conquer the road.

rumors also suggest that will with a system of four-wheel guidelines, new alloy wheels lightweight, – profile tyres wider on rear axle, adjustable suspension and active aerodynamic. We await any new information.