The Mercedes AMG GT Roadster discovered for the first time


The Mercedes AMG GT Roadster starts its phase of development. The sport of high cot of Mercedes has been intercepted by rolling with a high content of camouflage and with a soft top. In addition to the already wide family of the GT, although won’t be until late next year or early 2018.

Aesthetically the AMG GT Roadster does not seem to differentiate themselves in an exaggerated way with respect to the hard top version. Something significant in that Mercedes will have to change part of the design so as to accommodate the top of the hood and the entire drive system including the hydraulic arms.

despite the extensive camouflage that we see in the prototype tests, we can clearly differentiate the soft top, that like the SLS will be canvas. In this way is expected to drastically reduce the weight, despite the fact that you have to install the typical reinforcement rods of the body.


as to the mechanical part, there is nothing to indicate that Mercedes will change the engine of the current Mercedes AMG GT. We will once again the big block V8 biturbo 4.4-liter that will be able to deliver two different power ratings, as is currently the case. The maximum power will be once more than 510 HP.

this Is the first time we see it, so still we will soon see him in a formal manner. Follow the plans, Mercedes what will make it official next year, although it will not be until the end, and make it as a model for 2018. It will be the third of the family to arrive, and possibly the last, since just a few days ago we saw the Mercedes AMG GT-R.