The Mercedes-AMG GT S passes through the hands of Piecha Design

Mercedes AMG GT S preparado por Piecha DesignThe Mercedes-AMG GT S is a true supercar conceived by the brand the star and the manager of their models high-performance, AMG. Despite the fact that the GT S is located in a bottom step that your brother GT-R, offers some benefits more than enough, and exciting for most of us mortals thanks to its V8 4-liter, eroga 510 horses and 650 Nm.

As usually we say, there are always people non-conformists who all is makes little, and, if you have already purchased the Mercedes GT S, do not have left more remedy that an external preparation to get to satiate their craving of emotions. We already saw that a year ago the preparation of Brabus for this model, which was subsequently presented at the Frankfurt motor show, reaching 600 horses and 750 Nm.

Mercedes AMG GT S preparado por Piecha Designhas Now come Piecha Design, another well-known trainer German, and has endowed the GT S a aesthetic very ground-breaking and some even better performance figures. In the front have a built-in lower lip of a large size manufactured in carbon fiber to better channel the air and attempt to generate a high thrust force. The mouths of the air now are more striking, by toughening its image front.

If we see the car in profile, they also highlight the side skirts that enlarge the image that we perceive of the car. tires also have a design multirradio specific with 19 inches on the front axle and 20 in the rear.

Mercedes AMG GT S preparado por Piecha Designthe most interesting of the exterior of the Mercedes GT S modified by Piecha Design is located in the back. While maintaining the wing’s active series model, the coach inserted a spoiler fixed of large dimensions that will stick to the ground this great German tourism when the speeds are high. The lower part stands out even above the wing, and is that it incorporates a diffuser in carbon fiber marked in addition to four generous and bold exhaust outlets.

As not everything is in the aesthetics and the aerodynamics, Piecha Design has undertaken the work of empowerment on the AMG GT S, which raises the power of the V8 engine up to the 612 horsepower and torque up to 840 Nm. In this way it is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.7 seconds and run at a maximum speed of 330 km/h.