The Mercedes-Benz C-Cabrio 2016 can be seen again with the hood to the air

With the arrival of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe 2016, the range of the sedan media, Mercedes is close to be completed. Just subtract a unit, and this is no other than the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio 2016, to which once more we see a phase of their testing phase. In a short time you should see the light of full.


The canvas roof has its advantages and disadvantages, although it has a great look

The current generation of the Mercedes C-Class, the W202 was introduced to the market less than a year ago. In that time, we have seen how a versions based on the berlina were happening one after the other to form one of the widest ranges of Mercedes. The coming year will be added to the last of all, the version cabrio.

The truth is that it is not the first time that we see circular in its testing phase. The C-Class Cabrio 2016 takes a lot of time hanging out by the european roads. With the passage of time we have observed gradual losses of vinyl camouflage, coming up now to see full the soft-top retractable canvas that will be mounted.

Mercedes has opted for this system in front of the hard top. This allows you to include advantages such as price and ease, although neither is without problems, as the durability and stiffness. In spite of this will be present, and will be collected by an electro-hydraulic system and folded in the back, losing once more dimensions of luggage compartment volume.

Aesthetically it’s very similar to his brother hardtop, the coupe. In the front just to observe changes, while is the rear which has been modified, not in excess, to accommodate the top down and the mechanical system that is in charge of the operation. In addition to has reinforced the structure by bars so that the car remains stable and rigid in its step-by curve.


gradually, the units tests have been losing part of its vinyl camouflage

In the section motor, the range will be the same as that which we can already see in the C-Class Coupé. That is to say, engines that range between four and eight cylinders, and powers ranging from 170 to 510 HP version, signed by AMG. This last drive, the Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio already has left to see in its testing phase.