The Mercedes-Benz GLA 2017 is already working on its tuning


The GLA starts making his point for the renewal The family of Mercedes is composed by the compact, the sedan version of the same, the family version of the same and the drive is high or todocamino, the GLA. It is the latter that should engage all our attention, because it is the first time that we see the Mercedes GLA 2017 to start the path of renewal.

The SUV appeared shortly after the arrival of the compact, while one was presented at the Detroit motor show 2013, the other did the same in the living Room of Frankfurt in the same year. On this occasion, the strategy followed by Mercedes will not be exactly the same, although very similar, so first has been renovated in the Class and now it is the turn of the GLA.

as we can see in the pictures the Mercedes GLA renewed will be almost equal to that of the current. If we go by the vinyl of camouflage, the only elements that will change are the optical, both front and back. The rest of the design remains the same, and it is hoped that as well follow.


Slight cosmetic changes will be barely noticeable on the outside.

like a step with the Mercedes A-Class last year, the GLA will introduce most of the changes in the technological aspect. , While the interior will be virtually the same, we will improve the technology on-board. Something essential taking into account the renewal of its more direct rivals: the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3.

The engines on the other hand will also be reviewed, although not for this reason, we will see profound changes. Indeed hardly see them, and will be only the units most sports which increase their performance. The GLA 45 AMG will feature the same two-liter engine and four-cylinder, although in this occasion will raise your power up to 381 HP, the same as the Mercedes A45 AMG.

The GLA 2017 is far away from its official presentation, although it will probably not take much in see it finished. Geneva could be the place chosen for the presentation, although it is more realistic to think that this honour will be at the Paris Salon of the month of October. In any case, this year will be revealed, although already as a model of the 2017.


The engines will be revised to offer less fuel consumption and emissions