The Mercedes-Benz Museum sells his classics


The Museum Mercedes available for sale classics like this 630 Kompressor of 1929

“All Time Stars” is the new program of the Mercedes-Benz Museum (Stuttgart) which puts on sale classic. Enthusiasts of vehicles of yesteryear, especially if they are Mercedes, they are for celebration because the programme proposes vehicles different ópocas and categories reviewed by the manufacturer at our disposal.

classic Cars in perfect mechanical reviewed by Mercedes

From their website (in German) you can access to the selection of classic vehicles available under three categories: Premium Edition, Collectors Edition and Drivers Edition. In the top category, the Premium, we will find only classics untainted restored as if they were new with little mileage and a immaculate condition.

Currently, this category is so exclusive, only has a AMG CLK-LM 1998 14.140 kilometres travelled, the price of which remains hidden for the curious and the 630 Kompressor 1929 that you see in our gallery of images for 850.000 euro, but announced that other models are still in the process of restoration will come.


The status of the Premium Edition, it is as if out of premiere

The other categories offer vehicles for collectors, Collectors, who will make some use of the classic and that may need some restoration, minor as a 450 SEL 6.9 1979, W 116 280 SE 1973, R 129 500 SL and E 60 AMG Limited.

While the category more affordable, Drivers, proposed units for those who want a classic in perfect mechanical condition for its daily use. For the moment this last category does not have units but they advertise a C 123 230 EC and a W 123 200D that will come soon.