The Mercedes C-Class Cabrio 2017 is almost bare


So is the C-Class Cabrio almost without camouflage and with the hood open

we Return to the charge with another Mercedes convertible. On this occasion, tap desvelaros the new images of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio after meeting yesterday at the SLC just before his debut, and the majestic Mercedes-AMG S-Class 65 Cabrio.

Two wind deflectors

this Is the first time that we see the convertible almost uncovered since only hidden slightly behind, although as we get a rough idea of this by watching the the C-Class Coupé, but in addition it is also the first occasion on which it can be seen with the soft top fully open.

This allows us to get to know your interior, wind deflector that protrudes behind the head restraints of the rear seats and what looks like another wind deflector on the top edge of the windshield frame, small in size and similar to the appearance of the solar roofs for increased comfort of the fly when we drive without the roof.


The convertible derivative of the sedan media mounted two wind deflectors for greater comfort driving without a roof

The photographed model is consistent with the Class Mercedes C 450 AMG Sports Cabrio, since it has the attractive tires, AMG, bumper specific, quad-exit exhaust and seat belts in red that contrasts with the dark tone of the interior. The source of their power is a propeller that we know of, it comes to block gasoline 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo V6 with 367 HP, the same that mounts the Mercedes C-Class 450 AMG Sports and the new Mercedes-AMG SLC 43.

the rest of The vehicle, including engines and equipment, as we know since the C-Class Cabrio derives directly from the C-Class Coupé, replacing the hardtop and C-pillar for a canvas roof practicable three insulating layers that can be fold and unfold in movement at low speeds.

Is expected to make his debut to take place to mid-2016. At that time we will know if the C-Class Cabrio increases weight compared to the Coupe or otherwise get folded as is the case of the respective body in the Class S.