The Mercedes C-Class of 2018 already looms on the nose: new diesel engines and AMG more powerful (video)

The new Class C 2018 Mercedes is going to come loaded of new features and improvements to continue to challenge in the competitive world of sedans premium. Its official presentation will be at the next Geneva motor show, but it seems that the leaks and spy photos are going to leave little to count on for when that time comes. Already know how will be their new engine, sport versions AMG and new equipment, that will be much more technological. There’s even a video in which you see his final appearance.

Stop start, the rival of the BMW 3 Series will go on sale in the summer of 2018 with new features such as a new diesel engine that shared with the Mercedes Class E. it Is a block of four cylinders and 2.0 litres which will replace the current engine of 2.1 liters of the 220d and 250d. You will have more power, greater fuel economy and CO2 emissions more contained. But the highlight of the Class C 2018 will be in your technology and in versions AMG.

Video of the new C-Class 2018

As you can see in the video, this restyling of the Class C will have changes as the new LED headlights, similar to that of the new Class E. The bumper shall also have a new air intakes and a grille design that is more integrated on the nose. In the side and rear we have added some chrome details to give it the look more luxurious.

like the recently updated S-Class, the C Class of 2018 will have an infotainment system much more modern in the current model. touch screen will be similar to to that of its older brother, with advanced features of connectivity with mobile devices and their wheel will have more controls available to the driver. It will also feature a panel of instrumentation new and some minor adjustments of the design of the board.

Versions AMG C-Class 2018

Apart from the new diesel that we have mentioned before, in the upper part of the range, the Mercedes-AMG C43 and C63 will also be updated. Although it take more time to see them in the street, because it was released several months after the rest of the range of the C-Class 2018. Both the C43 with six-cylinder engine as the C63 eight, will have more power and performance. According to sources close to the brand, both models will yield between 20 and 40 HP more than the current models, whose powers are 367 and 476 HP, respectively.

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