The Mercedes C450 4MATIC receives the tap Brabus to improve your performance

Everything that passes through the hands of the preparers of Brabus ends up becoming a machine of disproportionate dimensions. As always, to borrow a Mercedes, always daring creative Brabus have upped the power, changed the design and improved the interior. In this case the chosen one has been the Mercedes C450 4MATIC.


The package aesthetic corresponds to the level AMG, but Brabus puts its custom details

To the sedan the high-performance Mercedes has been applied to the package of performance improvement PowerExtra B30-410. This name, so technical just want to say that the engine is now able to display more power. The V6 of three liters and two turbos comes from the factory with a performance more than generous: 367 HP and 520 Nm of torque.

Now, and thanks to this package of improvement, the C 450 4MATIC increases the performance up to 410 HP and 570 Nm. This is only due to a recalibration of the ecu. Adjusting in a more precise way the cycles of the engine, and increasing the performance of the injection and increased pressure from the turbo.

Thanks to this the Mercedes C-Class improves also the numbers of benefits. It is able to stop the clock at 4.6 seconds in a race of acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h. For its part, the maximum speed rises to 280 Km/h thanks to the improvement of performance and the suppression of the automatic limit.


The interior varies little, only include details of new leather and the best quality

beyond that, the aesthetic changes applied in the C450 4MATIC are more than evident. With a total look black, modified the front grill, by inserting the logo of Brabus in the same, the tires that are 19 inches, and the rear diffuser, aesthetically more sporty which in turn integrates new exhaust outlets.

On the inside three-quarters of the same thing, although it is true that we are not faced with the Brabus most modified of all. change certain elements such as the upholstery, using on this occasion best materials. The combination of this with red stitching adds to the sporty feel that both are looking for in a model as well.

Brabus already have this model among their fleet orders. The price is unknown, as all of them, for is the client that in the end determines the final cost, thanks to the almost infinite possibilities of customization. Yes, Brabus offers a warranty of three years or 100,000 kilometers.


The rear shows powerful with the four exhaust outlets