The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG AMG and 45 GLA and 381 also have horses

Mercedes announces an increase in power for the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG version Shooting Brake this and Mercedes GLA 45 AMG . A power surge ready to bring these units up to 381 horses, as was done in the last facelift of the Mercedes Class A.

It was logical, as expected. The evolution of the Mercedes Class A and with the Mercedes A 45 AMG left us with an obvious step for the other alternatives driven by this engine. A power surge block supercharged 4-cylinder, 2-liter displacement leading from the original 360 hp to about 381 horses left handed 4-wheel transmission counting with gearbox double clutch .

In addition to this increase in power also has increased its pair , going from 450 to 475 Nm .

In addition to this increase in power and torque we find the coming into play of a differential mechanical available with package AMG Dynamic Plus package also adds an adaptive sports suspension (available separately).

The dual clutch transmission has also evolved. Now, we are told from the mark shorter relationships change between the third and seventh gear offered.

Likewise also been updated selectors driving modes to offer the possibility of circular Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Single Race or mode.

‘ll have to wait to see if his arrival in Spain these renewed alternatives receive some form of price increases, as well as for the package-price AMG Dynamic Plus package in Germany has announced a price of 2,618 euros.

Recall that now the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG part from 62 575 euros , the shooting brake version from 63,750 euros and Mercedes GLA 45 AMG from 64,900 euros .


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