The Mercedes Class X, the future pick-up, will not come to the US

Mercedes Clase X Concept Stylish Explorer

After a teaser, the German firm’s three-pointed star was known, at the end of the month of October, a great revelation. We refer to the Mercedes Class-X concept, which appeared in a presentation for all high two different versions, a more technological approach that is more urban (Stylish Explorer) and another fully offroad but also very accomplished (Powerful Adventurer).

This model, which, by the way, will be produced partly in our country, take the base of the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan by their alliance with certain products of brands japanese and French, although as can be seen in the images apparently the qualities and design are much improved. Only available with the body double cab and length close to the 5.3 m, it seems that its dimensions are not large enough to reach the market in the united States.

Mercedes Clase X Concept Powerful Adventurer

is not Yet known the version (or versions) the end, simply the concept, though they should not take too much to show the production models. In any case, and as has reportedly declared Dieter Zetsche, the boss of Daimler, our colleagues from Autoblog, from the mark of the three-pointed star virtually rule out the arrival of this model to the north american market, and it is that market demand for light trucks of greater size.

Dieter Zetsche stated more specifically, that “if there is an opportunity for this product in the united States, of course you would go for him”. He also commented that he couldn’t see the us market as a relevant market or is suitable for this vehicle because there a pick-up premium is a pick-up of large dimensions. The final model derived from the Mercedes Class X Concept, in theory, will be marketed in Europe, Australia, Latin america and south Africa. We will see what the result this truck of high range in those markets.

Source – Autoblog