The Mercedes CLS 2018 is still letting himself be seen through the roads of Germany

There are few occasions in which our photographers
to have been caught with their goals so indiscreet new Mercedes CLS-Class. The new generation of the coupe of four
doors is already in place and although there is still plenty of time to view the article in the
dealers, we bring you some new spy photos in which we see another
unit tests driving on the roads of Germany.


Photo spy Mercedes CLS-2018 during a testing session in Germany.

During these last few months had been talking about the possibility that the new Mercedes CLS-2018 change of denomination and be “re-branded” as a Class Mercedes CLE. However, as we detail the last time we hunted, finally, the German manufacturer has opted to maintain the current name and not to make any kind of change. The Class name CLE will be reserved for a new model, possibly the successor to the Mercedes CLC.

To date we’ve only seen spy photos of the model with a body coupe. And it is not a coincidence, as we have anticipated in subsequent articles, will be the only option available in the range of the Mercedes CLS 2018. body Shooting Brake will not be on this new generation due to the low sales garnered in his time, so Mercedes has chosen not to spend resources on developing it.

Although the prototypes were hunted singuen dressed with the same amount of camouflage we’ve seen in the last few months, we can anticipate that there will be a radical change of design with respect to the current generation. On the basis of the same platform used by the Mercedes E-Class, today, we are witnesses to the design “continuity” of which the main modifications are focused on the rear and roof line.

Mercedes CLS 2018 - foto espĂ­a

The new generation of the Mercedes CLS will hit the market in the year 2018.

And the same thing will happen with the section mechanic, the selection of engines that will be available in the range of Mercedes CLS-2018 us will be very familiar, since they are used by the E-Class currently marketed. In addition to the options diesel and gasoline, has been commenting on the possibility of introducing a hybrid variant plug-in that provides a touch of eco-friendly and “electrified” to the range of the new CLS-Class.

The launch of the new Mercedes CLS-Class is planned for any time of the year 2018. Can it be presented this year? Thus for the moment there’s been no information about it, and in the case that the German brand completes the development in the next few months, if you decide to enter it in society this year, this would be at the end of the same. In any case, we will have to keep waiting.