The Mercedes E-Class 2016 already circulating independently for Nevada

Mercedes Clase E 2016 autónomo Nevada Mercedes E Class 2016 is already almost with us. And I say almost because it has not yet been officially released, but already we know its aspect and in all its details thanks to a leak. Also because the mark of the star has announced very proudly that his saloon new this is the first car of production, which will circular without the driver to intervene by the public road.

The newcomer has obtained the necessary permission to be able to circular autonomously in the state of Nevada (united States). This fact is of enough merit, because until now this license was obtained by test vehicles highly-equipped for additional systems and computer equipment, while the E-Class is almost equal to as will hit the market within a few months.


In the German mark indicate that the only necessary modification has been an upgrade in the software of the Drive Pilot, to allow the vehicle some more functions of the offering of the series. However, we cannot speak of a car that travels without a driver. Although it does not act, the pilot must go inside of the car at all times to monitor the operation and take control if necessary.

This play also has something of a marketing strategy. Despite being the first production vehicle that obtains this permit, Mercedes has not said anything to update the software of another car or make this technology available to customers who ask for it. It also means that the brand will continue to develop this system and that in the not too distant future the driving autonomous will to many vehicles.

Mercedes Clase E 2016 autónomo NevadaSource – Mercedes-Benz

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