The Mercedes E-Class 2016 already has authorization to circulate autonomously


a while Ago many of us were wondering why the Mercedes was taking a long time to renew a model as important as the Class E. over the past year, we have come to know the various reasons. In short, Mercedes wants to break with everything set up in a saloon media, and one example of this is the fact that the Mercedes E-Class 2016 has become the first commercial car in allowed to circulate without driver.

The most important thing of this announcement is that it will not make it in the form of a prototype, as a very used we are lately, but you do so routinely, as part of its equipment includes the driving autonomously. Un great step forward that for the time being will only be possible in the state of Nevada, but yeah, always with a human on board to control the car.

And is that the majority of the countries of the world have realized that driving autonomous is the future of motoring. Not all are as flexible as the american state, of course. For example, in Spain recently, a law was passed that allowed the circulation of cars of this type, but again, a human must monitor the movement.

What has made the Mercedes E-Class to achieve such a privilege has been added to your software treatment self-contained, so-called Drive Pilot, a series of additional sensors, a modified address, and an ESP facilities. With all these changes and features we will see in a future circular to the Class And without a driver.

Because, although the new E-Class to be able to move around autonomously, it is necessary to develop more systems and technology in addition to computer programs, to prevent all risk. Self-contained yes, but not at the moment. Rather, it is a marketing strategy, but let us not forget that in a few years it will be possible to.