The Mercedes E-Class 2016 discovered without just camouflage

The fifth generation of the E-Class is about to arrive. The so-called generation W213 will land with the new design standards of the mark, with mechanics as precise and efficient as powerful, and with a technology that is overflowing in all the senses. However, prior to its submission, the Mercedes E Class 2016 is left almost bare.


The truth is that cost you to differentiate the Class E to Class C, despite that the first is greater

we see a more finalized details for its implementation over. Since 2009, the E-Class receives no significant changes, except a generous facelift in 2013 which involved the elimination of the double headlamp, as well as the introduction of much more technology. An evolution in which Mercedes has invested more than a billion euros.

Many wondered at that he expected the mark of the star to renew one of their flagships. Mercedes must be very careful with the changes you applied, and as applied, in the Mercedes Class E. Is one of their sedans better valued, and all the innovations should improve the present. To achieve this step there are several details that will be key.

The first of these we have already mentioned: the design. Mercedes gave with the key in the launch of the current S-Class, and will be of which take a large part of your image, and your inner. By the way yesterday same os we told you that the Mercedes S-Class by 2017 was already in place, but that’s more of a restyling than for a new generation.

We still talking about the great saloon of the mark in relation to the E Class 2016, and is that Mercedes wanted the new E is more similar to his older brother that his little brother, the Mercedes Class C. All its dimensions will be greater, and in addition to its design, it will integrate a lot of technology from the S even released devices that we cannot see in this last.


Mercedes is preparing many releases for its new E-Class

finally, the last key of the new E-Class will be something that is already well known, the refinement and the comfort. The E-Class has always been one of the best cars to travel, capable of displaying a behavior smooth, quiet and comfortable. This will continue to be so, although we can not forget about versions of the ultra sports that will surely arrive in the future, the Mercedes E 450 AMG Sport, which we have already seen.