The Mercedes E-Class 2016 is filtered ahead of time

we All knew it was only a matter of days that the Mercedes E Class 2016 will be revealed, but thanks to a few leaks this has been in advance of their official date of filing, which will take place at the Detroit motor show 2016, where it will be one of the protagonists of the event. Since little remains to be known of him.


Although it looks like a S-Class, the truth is that we are faced with the new E-Class

was what Was missing to know the E-Class 2016, then gradually Mercedes has been giving details of how would be the new generation. First it was the technology, which has already started leaving us dumbfounded with what it would be able to do, how to park autonomously or change lanes automatically.

later on it was the interior, the impressive interior, which came to light, that the same has happened today I did prematurely. At that time we were able to check the level that would achieve the new E-Class. More similar to its older brother, the Mercedes S-Class that to his younger brother, the C-Class, E-Class gives a generous leap of design to continue to be one of the references of the segment.

finally has been its exterior design which has been allowed to see. On this occasion also leaves clear evidence that it has been fixed in the S-Class to be displayed. A style that already is familiar to us in the Mercedes, and that it does not like for its elegance, good make. note that care has been taken to the smallest detail, and although we see a lot of repeated elements, there are other that are own, as the optical front and rear and bumper.


The package AMG will be marked by elements such as the bumpers, rims and exhaust

Is the lace to a work that has meant many months of effort on the part of the different teams of Mercedes. But this is just the beginning, because we will see many more changes, as in the engines. The other day, we present to you the exclusive range of engines for the Mercedes E Class 2016. A range that will mix new blocks with a diesel engine, with mechanical gasoline, and hybrid plug-in, without forgetting of course, the units signed by AMG, which will be the least changed, mechanically speaking, with respect to the current.

The future will not fail to give us surprises, therefore the range of the Class And not stay in the saloon. We have already seen on more than one occasion that there will also come a family version, the Mercedes E-Class, 2017 Estate, that will not make act of presence until the end of the year. And we also know that there will be another, and this is revolutionary. For the first time the E-Class will feature a version todocamino, a Class E Allroad, which still have not been able to check the eye.

of course we can not forget the versions coupé and cabrio that will come this year and this time they have left to see in different stages of its testing phase. The most comprehensive range we have ever seen on the Mercedes E-Class, a sign of the importance that this model will have in the strategic plans of the brand.


Elegant, classic style and avant-garde for a vehicle of reference

Many new features for a saloon that has changed from top to bottom. It has in part forced by the pressure of their more direct rivals, such as the Audi A6, or BMW 5-Series that will also be renewed this year and that will also bring important new mechanical and technological. Soon we’ll see.