The Mercedes E-Class, 2016 wants to be the reference of the segment, these are their arguments

Mercedes Clase E 2016Mercedes likes to lead and become in the reference segment. Has shown us several times with models like the Mercedes S-Class, the van Class V or glittery market niches such as the CLS. The new Mercedes E Class 2016 is not an exception, and the new saloon German wants to position itself as the sedan of reference in the segment E. Stands out against its competitors by all the technology that it offers, much of which for the moment is exclusive to this model. Aesthetically it is not revolutionary to be very similar to the other sedans from Mercedes.

The new Mercedes E-Class grows 43 millimeters to the 4,92 meters compared to its predecessor, even though the battle is by 65 millimeters higher (2,94 meters), allowing for greater roominess in the rear seats. The interior uses also the new design language of the brand, with two screens of 12.3″ for variants equipped, as we could already see when mercedes released all the details of the cockpit.

Range of engines Mercedes E-Class 2016

Mercedes Clase E 2016Initially the range of engines for Europe will be made up of a alternative of petrol, two diesel and a petrol hybrid plug-in, whose information is reflected in the table. All engines come with Stop & Start and in case you opt for the automatic gearbox, this is always nine-speed. Some versions have a front grille active, which optimizes the cooling of the engine and the aerodynamics.

Name version engine Displacement (cc) maximum Power maximum Torque Acceleration 0-100 km/h average Consumption CO2 Emissions
And 200 1991 184 CV 300 Nm 7,7 s 5,9 l 132 g/km
E 220 d 1950 195 HP 400 Nm 7,3 s 3.9 l 102 g/km
E 350 d 2987 258 HP 620 Nm 5,9 s 5,1 l 133 g/km
E 350 e 1991 279 HP 600 Nm 6,2 s 2.1 l 49 g/km

Mercedes Clase E 2016later the range is completed with a new diesel of 2.0 liters and 150 HP, as well as a gasoline engine of four-cylinder engine, and 245 HP and a six-cylinder with 333 HP (E 400 4Matic). The diesel engines of 2.0 liters, with 150 and 195 HP, are new development.

– level chassis, the Mercedes E-Class will offer three suspension conventional spring and shock absorber, the serial, the sport is 15 mm lower and a as this last one but with adaptive dampers. Finally, and as the greatest example of comfort and luxury, will be at the disposal of the clients the air suspension Airmatic. The driving modes affect the behavior of the suspension in the last two cases.

The latest technologies

Mercedes Clase E 2016The Mercedes-Class 2016 has some technologies that will undoubtedly position themselves automatically as the reference technology in its segment. The braking automatic emergency, the Attention Assist and the wizard of cross-wind are the elements series in the whole range E. In terms of safety the Mercedes E-Class 2016 has a lot of optional equipment novel, beyond the classic systems such as the detector angles dead or the wizard of involuntary change of lane.

The Evasive Steering Assist is a system that in the case of evasive maneuvers you can act on the address to avoid the obstacle that you want to dodge. The Active Brake Assist with functionality of cross-traffic can detect cars and pedestrians, in addition to slow down the vehicle in the intersection if it detects a risk of collision. Control the distance in front of and behind the vehicle for in cases of heavy traffic such as traffic jams, you start braking earlier and avoid the impulsiveness that can make us take a hit from behind when we drive with the adaptive cruise control.

Mercedes Clase E 2016In the case of detected risk of impact, the system Pre-Safe impulse side, which is part of a security package optional, will bump the sides of the seats to attach better to the occupants of the seats front, the own seat and in this way, also, keep them away from the doors before any type of side-impact collision.

The functionality Remote Parking Pilot allows control your car from an App for your smartphone to park your car from the outside. , something useful when you are parking in tight spots. A system of exchange of information through the mobile phone will also be able to warn us of some dangers or events, such as a car broken down on the roadside.

Mercedes Clase E 2016The headlights Multibeam LED with 84 leds per headlamp provide a perfect distribution of the light beam, adapting itself automatically to all conditions, to not dazzle the other drivers. The digital key is another of the striking features of the new E-Class, as by using NFC you can use a smartphone as the key of the vehicle. The Mercedes E-Class equipped with the Comand Online multimedia system will have a steering wheel with buttons, touch-sensitive and wireless charging of smartphones. The sound system Burmester high-fidelity 3D sound thanks to its 23 speakers will delight the most gourmets.

Other functions available in the new saloon German are the cruise control with function Stop & Go, or the recognition of traffic signs that adapt the speed of the vehicle to the limits captured by the cameras.

Source – Mercedes

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