The Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017 gives us an insight of his design in this recreation


A very rough idea of how you see the new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017

The new generation Mercedes E Class it has been a profound change to the sedan that is now closer to its big brother the S-Class that the lower Class C. The options that are available in the new model will give the possibility to position itself well above the outgoing model and this will be recognized in the new bodies such as this that are coming.

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio will be the fourth option in terms of bodies is concerned. Currently are available the traditional versions sedan and family surname Estate, however still remain to be the most passionate: the Coupe and the Cabrio, the latter being represented in this recreation and the more exclusive to the Class E.

through our spy photos we’ve done a very rough idea of your final shape that our designers have given shape in this image. The E-Class Cabrio will be a direct derivative of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe, which in turn comes from the current body sedan and family. The variant of the sunroof has decided to continue on the path of the classic canvas roof of electric drive with which you save a significant amount of weight added and also allows a more elegant design, smooth roof line.


The Mercedes E-Class roof tarp what we have seen camouflaged in some occasions

Three volumes, four seats and canvas roof variant most exclusive of the new E-Class that saves similar to both with the C-Class Cabrio as the S-Class Cabrio, reaching each one of them in a step different inside of the range Mercedes, although all of them pick up the baton of carrying optical rear elongated as the rest of the models last Coupe of the current Mercedes.

The most high-tech and luxury you will find in this convertible with LED lighting, adaptive, digital scorecard, powerful systems of driving assistance, among which includes a function of driving semi-autonomous and the auto-pilot to to park remotely from our smartphone, connectivity, integration of systems Android and Apple, armrest-heated, and much more.

His offer of engines will be composed of the same of the rest of your family even though you already know that this type of bodywork sports opt for options more powerful in the level of access. The range ends with the editions signed by Mercedes-AMG whose butt you’ll find it in the thruster V8 4.4-liter of about 600 HP of maximum power in combination with the four-wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission. Also it will have for the first time with an option hybrid plug-in for those lovers of sportiness and driving without emissions.