The Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017 continues with its development


The Mercedes E-Class Coupe, 2017 can be seen again in our section of spy photos

New images we get from the development of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017. The German manufacturer prepares the new model of three-door based on the sedan of full size and was presented at the beginning of the year. The new set of images reveals to us a unity of tone red still hidden under the lightweight vinyl camouflage pattern, images that complement the ones taken from inside the E-Class Coupé to get an idea closer to the model end of production.

In the front we perceive a hood more bulky and a windshield of a greater inclination that outlines your figure and reduces the height of the vehicle. The sharp fall of the roof ends in a behind whose headlamps of new design is shown elongated along the width to give a touch more sporty and distinctive compared to the versions sedan. It is also characteristic of the manufacturer of the large glass area for your four-seater dispenses with the B-pillar for a greater sense of freedom and spaciousness in its interior.


The E-Class Coupe is closer in terms of category of the E-Class Coupe than the C-Class Coupe

The body of the coupé of the Mercedes E-Class shows a silhouette of two doors and three volumes that we will certainly family after getting to know the C-Class Coupe and S-Class Coupe. Although remember that your category will not find a happy medium between these two models since in this generation tends to be closer to the S-Class that of the Class C for their own benefit.

Speaking of its cabin, the interior receives a series of updates as seen in the image taken previously. outputs of the air have been redesigned to highlight the sporting qualities of the coupé instead of the elegance of the saloon, there are also other details, such as the elimination of the analog clock and the buttons adjacent to the base of the center console. Of course other details like the graphics of the multimedia system will be modified to show the beautiful coupe.


The three-door body gives it a new dynamic dimension to the new E-Class

with Respect to the range mechanics there is no room for doubt, it will have a range drawn directly from the sedan E-Class, 2016 with the exception of the engines access to this. This means that is expected to the range of the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe will start with the engine diesel 194 BHP and the petrol 245 HP. Its range of conventional end in the version 43 4Matic 401 HP waiting for the variants to be signed by AMG up to 585 HP.