The Mercedes E-Class Estate arrives in Spain and these are their prices

Mercedes Clase E Estate 2016Mercedes-Benz introduces in Spain the new generation of the Mercedes E-Class Estate, the alternative bodywork family of his saloon media that I presented at the beginning of June. How could it be otherwise, it shares the first two-thirds of the body with the version sedan, changing the last part to introduce a ceiling more elongated that falls practically vertically on the behind.

The Mercedes E-Class Estate, looking to offer an increased payload, extended the rear overhang, thus gaining a few more liters. In total, the family version declares a load volume of 670 litres, which are 130 litres more than in the car body sedan four doors. To expand this space is enough to sacrifice the second row of seats abatiéndolos and, with this movement, we get a maximum volume of 1.820 liters. As an aid to loading and unloading of this family, has the tailgate opening and closing electric Easy-pack series.

Mercedes Clase E Estate 2016Initially, the E-Class Estate is offered with a cabin five-seater, while the mark claims that at the end of this year will already be available a version of seven-seater. The two squares are added are not a luxury, but we will be able to save in a hurry, for example, to carry children in a short distance.

Mercedes has just been launched in our country and, for the moment, is only available with the three engines different, a diesel and two petrol; although it does not take long to get new mechanics to expand the family of engines. The diesel version is the E 220 d, which has an output of 194 horsepower and costs 53.350 euros. In petrol we have the E 200 and E 250, with 184 horses and 52.100 euros for the first, and 211 horses and 57.200 euros in the second.

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