The Mercedes E63 AMG 2016 discovered in its tests of winter

With the new Mercedes E-Class, as presented in an official manner, it’s time to wait for the arrival of the different versions will complete the range. One of them will be the most sportiness present, the Mercedes E63 AMG 2016, that is what we see in these images captured during a test session in the north of Europe.


In this image we can clearly see the widening of the front wings

If you recall, just a few days ago, before the official presentation of the E-Class, we present the exclusive range of engines that would accompany the rejuvenated berlina German. An extensive range of blocks, diesel and gasoline that will be once again crowned by the variants signed in collaboration with AMG.

Outwardly, and in spite of the high content of vinyl of camouflage, we observe that the E63 AMG will include variations of design. A front bumper with modified air intakes larger, and a look more strong combined with fins flared, which could indicate a broadening in the track width.

once more, and despite the fact that we have already seen, the vinyls prevent us from guessing if the sidewall will introduce some sort of aesthetic change. The truth is that we do not expect that so be it, but for the moment it is impossible for us to confirm this. Where we do see significant changes is in the behind, which, like the front looks more powerful, which include the four exhaust outlets rectangular.


The content of camouflage is very abundant in the side of the car

All of these modifications will allow us to easily recognize the variants E63. And we say variants, because there will be two. Both equip the same engine V8 biturbo 5.461 cc, but in a case will be delivered 556 HP, while in another it may be getting to the 585. This latest version will be accompanied by the symbol S, and will represent the top of the range.

To manage all that power, it is expected that Mercedes includes of series the change automatic AMG seven-speed and all-wheel drive system 4MATIC Mercedes. Of course also modify elements such as the chassis, the suspensions and the brake assembly, so as to be able to cope safely at such immense power.

As the E-Class is already official, was presented at the last Detroit motor show, the arrival of the radical brother of the same will not happen until the middle or end of this year. Before you should be getting the Mercedes E-Class Estate, and later to both units, already in 2017, will take you to the Mercedes E-Class Coupe which we also discovered in its testing phase.


Between the snow and the camo bit can be guessed from the rear, while the four exhaust outlets are clear