The Mercedes EQA will come in 2020 and will be produced in France

Mercedes EQA Concept

The Mercedes EQA-Concept, presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2017, is located in the lobby of the new electric car.

The expected Mercedes EQA will be the model to fill the position of access to the family of electric cars Mercedes EQ you’re working on the mark of the stars. In not much time you see the light the first production model, the Mercedes EQC (an SUV), whose debut is scheduled for the next month of October during the Paris motor show in 2018.

Anticipated through the Mercedes EQA-Concept presented at the Frankfurt show 2017, the future EQA will be a compact body type five-door Hatchback. launch is set for the year 2020 and have revealed new details about, for example, the location of the plant in which it will be manufactured. The production of Mercedes EQA will take place in France. More specifically, in Hambach, where it manufactures the Smart EQ ForTwo, the version fully electric urban German.

the production version of The Mercedes EQA-Concept will make use of the new platform EVA, an architecture developed specifically for Mercedes for their electric cars battery. In addition, its features allow the vehicles that make use of it to share assembly line with the regular patterns of the brand such as Mercedes Class GLA or the new generation of the Mercedes Class A.

Mercedes EQA Concept - posterior

the launch of The Mercedes EQA of production is planned for 2020 and will be manufactured in France.

platform EVA is planned to support a configuration of traction front, rear, and total, and for vehicles propelled by one or more electric motors. The battery pack will be installed in a flat bottom in the lower part of the vehicle. In short, a platform specifically designed for cars from mechanical to fully electrical.

The members that will integrate the family Mercedes EQ will look for a picture that is characterised by some traits of difference. Despite being two different vehicle types, the future Mercedes EQA will continue in the wake of the new EQC that will be presented in just a few months. The combination of exterior details in black with the new design of the optics and the features in blue color with reference to its mechanical will be the usual route.

Another key to the Mercedes EQA will be your size. You will have a long wheelbase and a few short overhangs. Will be longer than the new generation of the Mercedes A-Class. Recall that the renewed compact Mercedes has a length of 4.419 mm in Addition, the passenger compartment will also be more spacious thanks to the battle that will have the EQA. All this taking into account the segment in which it will move this electric car.

Mercedes EQA

the production version of The Mercedes EQA-Concept will have an autonomy of 400 kilometers.

In regard to the section mechanic on the Mercedes EQA, noting that it will use two electric motors. One located under the hood while the other will be integrated in the rear axle. So combined, yield a power of 272 HP that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds. You will have a configuration of all-wheel drive and the package lithium-ion batteries of 60 kWh will give a autonomy of 400 kilometers. He Mercedes EQA can be recharged in the traditional manner or by induction.