The Mercedes GLC Coupe can be seen in its first official teaser

In reality, the teaser shows us the aspect of the future units AMG

Mercedes is in the midst of the campaign for the presentation of its new model. An SUV that comes to compete directly with the BMW X4. Your name will be Mercedes GLC Coupe, and although we’ve already seen it in more than one photo a spy, this is the first image that the German brand gives us an insight to your arrival.

If you recall, just a few days ago, we already had the opportunity to see the new creature of the signature of the star. Although on that occasion it was a video which showed us the dynamic qualities of this SUV in the format of the coupé, born from the Mercedes GLC. Yes, covered with vinyl camouflage.

Aesthetically, the roofline, and the rear lights will be the biggest identifying features of the GLC Coupe. Mercedes has manufactured this model for as well satisfy a part of the customers looking for that type of crossover. This drop in the ceiling line will cause the GLC to lose some of its spaciousness and boot space.

few days Ago we saw a video not very explicit on how it will be the CLG Coupe

inside expect no changes. The same thing that we see in the Mercedes GLC what we can see in his brother coupe. Same arrangement of elements and same technology on-board. This last point is implemented in the latest assistance systems, as well as a system of infoentretenimineto improved.

In the mechanical part there will be no surprises. The Mercedes C-Class will donate its engines. It is for this reason that you will find a wide range of mechanics, both diesel and gasoline. It will also include powerful versions, though not from the same point of departure, as the Mercedes GLC 43 AMG. And we expect hybrid drives as well as we have been able to discover one’s own GLC.

The Mercedes GLC Coupe will see the light in the living Room New York. The SUV trend of american will be presented there, and not come to the commercialisation phase until the end of summer. By the time you are unaware of the sale prices, but they sure are superior to those of his brother, that

The model has been discovered on more than one occasion throughout its testing phase