The Mercedes GLC will also be built in Finland

Nuevo Mercedes GLC Mercedes GLC is the SUV brand, which replaces the GLK, and that even though you have just reached the market already enjoys popularity. In July, the government began to be built in the Bremen factory and in late October it began production in China for the local market. Now Mercedes has announced that from 2017 the Mercedes GLC will also be built in Finland to be able to adapt better to the demand.

The Mercedes GLC will be built under an agreement between Daimler and Valmet Automotive. At the plant in Uusikaupunki of these last Mercedes will manufacture a series of GLC additional that will made production more flexible and reduce waiting times more easily without affecting the factories and workers of the marks, since it is a kind of outsourcing, always following the same standards of Mercedes to manufacture.

Nuevo Mercedes GLCAs the plant in Bremen has a seating capacity of production high, since Mercedes have decided that an agreement of this type is more advantageous for the brand. For the Mercedes GLC will await some figures much better than those of the GLK, because in addition to the lack of success of the latter in comparison with its rivals, starting in December will begin manufacturing the Mercedes GLC with steering wheel to the right, opening the market of this SUV to new markets. The GLK is always marketed with steering wheel to the left.

This is not the first time that Valmet Automotive and Daimler are working together, in fact, since 2013, this company makes additional volumes of the Mercedes A-Class, which up to 2016 are expected to be a total of 100,000 units of the compact which leave the factory in Uusikaupunki, similar to the one that is expected to take the Mercedes GLC in these same facilities.

Source – Mercedes

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