The Mercedes GLC will be powered by hydrogen in 2017


The Mercedes GLC will be offered with a variant of hydrogen from 2018

confirms that the technology of hydrogen fuel cell is
list to be applied on their vehicles. It is rumored that the first
model in flirt with this propulsion system clean will be the
recently launched Mercedes GLC, the new mid-size SUV of the

Mercedes GLC F-Cell: up to 600 km range, and recharges in three minutes

According to
has declared the Coach, Thomas Weber, chief of R & D
Mercedes, ” we’re aiming for
a combination of the fuel battery and the
battery for an autonomy of up to 600 km, along
with a time of refueling of the hydrogen tanks
three minutes

range of Mercedes cars powered by hydrogen have the surname F-Cell to be distinguished from the dough. The system is designed so that the entire assembly is placed in the hole of the motor, under the hood. Which means that will not impact on the rest of the vehicle keeping intact the dimensions of interior space and trunk volume.

According to the source, the living Room of Frankfurt, 2017 is the event chosen by the
German for the presentation of the Mercedes GLC F-Cell, whose start sales
it is planned for the following year. In
today there are some vehicles already on sale with this type
propulsion and even with a body SUV as
it is the case of the Hyundai ix35 VEGF, which begins its marketing in Spain before the 2016.

the time Mercedes was testing the technology of hydrogen in prototype-based
in Class B, but apparently the high cost of these propulsion systems clean make more viable for commercialization in vehicles of category superior. We do not rule out the idea that little by little the alternative energy comes to the compact range of the star.