The Mercedes S-Class 2016 is walking around completely uncovered

we have Already spent almost three years with the Mercedes S-Class in the market. At this time the great saloon German has become the reference of the segment, if it is that at some point ceased to be so. However the advance of the rivals has forced the brand to release an update, the Mercedes S Class 2016 that has been left completely bare.

What we saw recently in some spy photos. On that occasion we realized that the aesthetic changes that I would receive the new S-Class would be practically minimal, and in this occasion, thanks to the video, we discovered that it will be so. it is hard to believe that the car in the images is new, but it really is.

The changes are focused on the headlights that will feature a new design without changing the shape. Sure that the technology for these also evolve, the LED could be replaced by any laser equipment or similar technology that already mounted their rival more direct, BMW 7 Series 2015 and probably also the upcoming Audi A8.

which at the present time has not been allowed to see is the interior. We know, and we have proven, that the Mercedes E-Class 2016 will equip technology very similar to the S-Class, and its interior design will also be very similar. In fact it is expected that the S-Class adapts itself for the dashboard E-Class, with that huge screen that we saw a couple days ago.


This image corresponds to the first time that we saw the S-Class 2016-in test phase

Where no changes are expected, or at least not many, is the section mechanic. There is No reason for Mercedes to apply severe changes in the engines of the S-Class, as the current offer both performance and efficiency, with a hybrid version plug-in included. What we know in the Paris Salon, where it will be presented in an official way.