The Mercedes S-Class by 2017, reveals headlights and interior


The new S-Class in 2017 launches LED lighting

Mercedes begins the round of testing of the new S-Class of 2017. This is the first time that the facelift of the vehicle of representation can be seen in our spy photos. The prototype caught by our photographers has some specific changes, headlights and interior redesigned, however we have no doubt we’ll see more prototypes that carry the rest of the updates.

New LED lighting

Outwardly, this S-Class only has new optical that are semi-covered by a camouflage tone black matte characteristic of the prototype Mercedes. But to our eyes does not escape the new design of the optics with a triple line LED day lighting, three points of light in the outer face and the re-placement of the jerkiness in the base. It is one of the first prototypes testing the new LED lighting for the S-Class in 2017.

inside the most drastic change that we observed is centered on the dashboard. digital displays used in the scorecard and for the system of info-entertainment removed the outer frame that gave them the appearance of tablet overlay, joining in what now seems a huge digital screen integrated in the dashboard.


So is the new interior of Mercedes S-Class

The buttons that are found between the screens also disappear. This change leaves a gap sufficient to equip a better screen size for the center console. we Assume that the new S-Class will equip in addition to a system of info-entertainment updated with some improvements. There are rumors that will add more customization options in your car as new wood inserts.

the rest of The vehicle remains the same. In successive months we will see other vehicles that will show the rest of the upgrades in the facelift: new front and rear bumpers, in addition to a new signature light to lag behind.