The Mercedes S-Class will be driving autonomous Level 3 in two years

aid, advanced driving and technology driving autonomous are becoming a differentiator in the premium brands. Companies such as Waymo or Tesla have made huge strides in this area in the US and Audi is put at the head of the european brands with the conduction system of semi-autonomous of the A8. Now Mercedes says that he is in a position to get driving autonomous level 3 for its S-Class.

This level of driving autonomous implies that the car can take control in certain conditions, but is required some interventions of a human, especially in complicated situations. The system can control the throttle, brake and steering, and is able to detect and distinguish obstacles, people and other vehicles.

Though Mercedes will not be the first to offer this technology, it was one of the first in introduce the adaptive cruise control, —a system that could be considered the precedent of the driving semi-autonomous. In statements to the magazine Autoguide, the head of R & D at Mercedes, Ola Källenius: “Our goal in about three years is to have the first tech Level 4 or 5 on the market. Before that, in 2020, we seek to have our first car with driving autonomous of level 3.”

The price of driving autonomous S-Class

The system of level 3 will debut in the Mercedes S-Class, although it is still early to know how much it will cost. Without giving too many details, Källenius hinted that the technology will have a similar price to the other options of the S-Class. To give you an idea, the Package driving assistance that is offered currently costs 3.181,48 euros and includes the Wizard active distance Distronic, the Wizard, active steering, and the automatic shutoff of the passenger airbag.

Given the greater number of detection devices necessary for driving, autonomous and, above all, the need for a unit of processing of information of high capacity, the price of a driving system of semi-autonomous Mercedes will probably be higher. A good example is that the price it has on the Tesla Model 3, which in its full version costs about us $ 8,000 (about 6,500 euros at current exchange).

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