The Mercedes SL 2016 starts to show its new face in a teaser


The SL will show a new image, more classic and rounded that the current

we Already have the first teaser of the Mercedes SL 2016. The convertible two-seater largest of Mercedes is renewed almost obliged to continue offering the perfect combination between performance and comfort. Your face wash you will see the light of a full in a few months, although in general we already know how it will be.

The new design philosophy of Mercedes, initiated several years ago by the S-Class, is based on lines more flowing and curved, with a more classic style and elegant that we knew until now. This is already part of the full range of the mark, except in a few exceptions, the Mercedes SL is one of them and soon will be renovated.

Your new style already let you see in the spy photos that have been published over these months. Mercedes was preparing a change, but the change was not going to be very deep, not at least in terms of exterior design. Something that is confirmed with the first official teaser. Although you do not see the rear, we know that this will not change greatly with respect to the current model.


In the interior there will be changes, but most of them focused on the technology

one Cannot overlook the fact of its close resemblance with the Mercedes AMG GT. The SL has always had a style of his own, shared in part by the SLK, which also will be renovated shortly, however on this occasion see as its design is very similar to that of the great sports of Mercedes, a big hit for our taste.

Where there will also be changes will be on the inside. As in the body, there is a new design concept of Mercedes to the passenger compartment, and despite the fact that the Mercedes SL had a pretty inner worked, it has become old with respect to the rest of his brothers and rivals. For this reason we will apply the necessary changes, although they will not be excessive.

we will Soon see the full Mercedes SL 2016, we should not take in to do so. Your presentation include the versions more conventional, and the all-powerful signed by AMG. Us for the time we have only had the chance to see the Mercedes SL 63 AMG 2016, but surely will also come the S 65 with its impressive V12 under the hood.


If we go by the vinyl of camouflage, the rear will not vary as much