The Mercedes SL will be developed by AMG in its next generation

Mercedes SL 2016According to recent reports, the Mercedes SL will change and a lot in their next generation. And not that it will break with their popular forms, such as recognised and that with the passage of time they have endured. No. But internally, in their guts, in their skeleton, in its construction, there will be many changes. Who will take the helm will be AMG, the division of sport of the brand that will develop the next Mercedes SL. And honestly to me and I are shaking legs for what is coming.

The goal is to make the model a car more sporty and exclusive. Although, it will not be a Mercedes AMG GT, but yes it will become a SL more radical. One of the keys of this new generation will be the use of the new platform MSA, the evolution of the MRA. As you know, this new platform has been previously used in the Mercedes C-Class, and among its benefits is allowing the weight to be reduced considerably. The amteriales used are aluminum and plastic reinforced with carbon fibre to get the weight to a minimum.

Mercedes SL 2016And speaking of weight. In order to achieve a significant saving in the total weight of the Mercedes SL, the company will go for the soft top, instead of the retractable hard top. This solution we have already seen in the Mercedes S-Class Convertible, luxury convertible that has recourse to a soft top. At its inception, the Mercedes SL was riding this type of roof, although in 2001 the soft top was replaced by the roof.

Currently, the Mercedes SL looks a rejuvenated face, as it has gone through a restyling in a few months. Its price in the Spanish market is of 118.000 euros of start, finding ourselves already in the first step of the engine SL 400 367 horsepower. In the range are available also the SL 500 with 455 horsepower and Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and SL 65 with 585 and 630 horsepower, respectively.

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