The Mercedes SLC is already official!


So is the appearance of the new Mercedes SLC 2016

The Mercedes SLC is already a reality. Just to be officially presented to the profound renewal of the convertible compact Mercedes, even if you already seen in advance in the is thanks to our exclusive spy photos in which it looked at the sport completely uncovered. The SLC will hit the market with a renewed exterior appearance, more equipment, and technology an offer of engines is very different the current, which by the way already no more be called SLK, according to the new naming scheme of the brand.

LED Lighting series for all the optical groups

The first thing you see when you look at the new Mercedes SLC is that the outside has been completely renovated with an aesthetic more in line with the Mercedes of last baked. New bumper, new grille attractive effect diamond wheel, optical technology LED of series in the rear and optional in the front, new signature light for the daytime running lights built-in LED in the headlight standard in the whole range and new design for the tails of escape. The hardtop practicable can spread out and be closed at speeds of up to 40 km/h and integrates the so-called “Magic Sky Control“, a sun roof, capable of darken by itself.

inside you will also find this news very interesting as a new sports steering wheel, new instrumentation of the center console, lever to the automatic changes that will subtract years to the interior of the and new grades of its interior with leather and Napa. It also receives an updated system of info-entertainment Mercedes COMAND that incorporates a screen seven-inch higher-resolution with features like emergency call -eCall-in, internet access, voice control, integration with Apple devices, Bluetooth, USB and DVD player.


The LED lighting reaches all the optics of the renovated roadster

The range of engines has been reorganized with an offer that starts a little further down. As I we set out a few hours ago, the family of the convertible compact begins with the SLC 180 of 156 HP, followed by the well-known SLC 200 of 184 HP and a new SLC 300 of 245 HP, the three-block four-cylinder gasoline of 1.6 liters the lower horsepower and 2.0-liter remaining. In the branch diesel will continue to the well-known SLC 250 d of 204 HP being the only option.

The offer of engines is reorganized and augmented

Without a doubt renewed offer of engines which seems to be more rational including a engine more accessible in the lowest zone, and removing the option “350“, with a V6 engine of 306 HP, which was a huge leap from the 184 HP 200. The SLC 180, and 200 are equipped with a standard manual gearbox, six-speed, although both can mount the transmission sports automatic dual clutch 9G-Tronic optionally, this being the last series for the SLC 300, 250 d, and SLC 43.

By the time official information removed from its catalog the Mercedes-AMG SLC 55 provided the known V8 421 HP, some rumors already spoke of its removal in the family roadster. The most powerful option will be the new Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 that has the same 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo V6 of the Class C 450 AMG Sport, which provides 367 HP and 520 Nm of torque, it still manages to accelerate almost as fast (+0.1 seconds) that the 55 despite having less power on paper.


the interior of The SLC rejuvenates and becomes more technological than ever

The system Dynamic Select is now standard in the SLC 300 and 250 d, and optional on the SLC 180 and 200 when equipped with transmission 9G-Tronic . This selector driving modes modify the configuration of the engine, transmission, steering and suspension depending on the option chosen between the modes Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport+ and Individual, the latter pre-configured to suit the driver. The system of braked of emergency Active Brake Assist also becomes part of the standard equipment, if the driver does not respond to the notice issued before an impact is imminent, the device will slow the vehicle automatically to avoid or mitigate the collision.

the prices of The new Mercedes SLC will be revealed to half of January 2016, when the sports are ready to accept orders for the factory.