The Mercedes SLK the Mercedes SLC, these are the prices of the new “anti-Audi TT Roadster” Mercedes

Mercedes has reshaped a large part of the names of its range, by changing between them the name of the Mercedes SLK to give life to a new Mercedes SLC, face washing, using and losing by the way the last of the naturally aspirated engines of the brand, already has price for Spain, where will be positioned in front of the Audi TT Roadster?

This is the range (and prices) of the Mercedes SLC 2016:

After this update, after the change of the image, the improvement of facilities and the rationalization of mechanical we are currently in with the following range:

Mercedes SLC 200 – 184 hp – 45.250 €
Mercedes SLC 250d – 204 hp – 49.250 €

taking Advantage of the change of name Mercedes introduced a new range of engines, new equipment details and a new image, you can read more in the article “Mercedes SLC 2016, all of the details: a new image is mechanical and more rational“.

we Must bear in mind that, beyond version more prestacional, Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, that a good account will give you in a future article, there is a Mercedes SLC 180 of 156 hp and a Mercedes SLC 300 of 245 horses whose prices have not been announced.

As equipment series we find with alloy wheels, panoramic roof integrated in the soft top, multifunction sports steering wheel in leather, air conditioning, multimedia system with MP3 player and bluetooth, and cruise control.

As the main rival we have to evaluate to a Audi TT Roadster that offers us in front of the Mercedes SLC 200 a version of 180 hp with a starting price of 39.910 euros and in front of the SLC 250d a version also diesel of 184 hp with a starting price of 46.260 euros.

Nor can we lose sight of the BMW 2-Series Cabrio, which has the added attraction of the rear seats. Compared to the current models of the range of the SLC we met up with a BMW 220i Cabrio from 38.950 euros with 184 hp and a BMW 220d Cabrio with 190 hp from 40.350 eur.