The Mercedes Sprinter 3 million will be converted in a motorhome Hymers

Mercedes Sprinter 3 millones Hymer Mercedes Sprinter is the van largest Mercedes-benz and was launched to the market in the year 1995 as a replacement for the Mercedes TN. Since then they are already more than 3 million units which have been produced of this van throughout its two generations. 2015, the year of its 20th anniversary, it was especially good for the Mercedes Sprinter, who broke world records, and this 2016 aims to improve the figures.

unity 3 million has already been made and has been designed to the constructor of rv Hymers, always closely linked to Mercedes. Using the Sprinter chassis cab to build a motorhome Hymers ML-T, which is the first motorhome profiled Hymers in incorporate the system Crosswind Assist, which corrects the path of the vehicle when it impinges the wind. This system is of a series from some time ago in the entire range of the Mercedes Sprinter.

Mercedes Sprinter 3 millones Hymer

Act of delivery of the Mercedes Sprinter 3 million to Hymers

Hymers, founded in 1957, is the manufacturer of rv premium most important of Europe. This manufacturer is what Mercedes calls a VanPartner, which means that Mercedes will audit the company and certifies the quality processes in the construction of their vehicles. Almost, almost would be as if Mercedes was the manufacturer of the model Hymers.

Mercedes Sprinter is manufactured in no less than six places throughout the world. In Europe are assembled in Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, in the united States in Charleston (South carolina), in Buenos Aires, Argentina and finally in China in Fuzhou by a join-venture. The first generation of the Sprinter is still manufacturing in Russia in Nizhny Nowgorod. The Mercedes Sprinter leads the market for vans of its size in countries such as Germany, China, south Africa and Argentina.

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