The Mercedes was chivarán where are the free parking places

Mercedes Clase E 2016sometimes, to find a parking space according to which cities can become an authentic odyssey. A few that are invaded areas reserved for residents, time zones, or other purposes or because they are so large that their streets are very congested. In addition, we must take into account the type of car that circulate through them, because that is not the same as the center of a city full of Fiats 500 that of Audis Q7.

Well to solve this problem, Mercedes-Benz has been put to work and is already testing an idea. To finish definitely with the search of parking spaces groping the next models of Mercedes will be able to talk between them and contacted each other when driving on a street and see vacancies parking. In this way any user who has a Mercedes and is looking for parking will be able to know where and how to find your parking space.

Mercedes Concept IAAto carry out this idea Mercedes takes a time working with the German Bosch. The technology that they would spend the next Mercedes would be collecting information through the city (the parking spaces that were free) and the stored automatically in a community information system, initially only available for drivers of Mercedes. This information would updating every a period of time and would help the users to better locate these spaces.

By now the brand is testing in Stuttgart this new technology. To do this you are basing it on the sensors of ultra sound that rides the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class to identify the spaces in order to park the vehicle. This task can be performed at speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour and are taking place in conditions of actual driving by the German city.

We should mention that the brand of the star not the only that is troubling you by helping your drivers to solve the everyday problems of parking. BMW with your ParkNow already allow their drivers to pre-book places to park as well as pay on highways or freeways with a specific app. Therefore, we expect that the problem of parking left in the oblivion in no time.

Source – Mercedes

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