The MG GS for Europe will debut next week at the London’s living Room

MG will officially present the crossover-GS for the European market next week, in the framework of the motor show in London. It is expected that use petrol engines and diesel, with power outputs up to 150 HP.

MG-GS the beginning of the year we had met through a first sketch official, but the MG GS that next week will debut in the framework of the Car show in London, should not differ much from the model that is already marketed in China.

The MG GS european specifications will have its debut next week in the United Kingdom, where it will start its marketing from the month of may. The mark already placed on its official website a countdown that lets you know the remaining time for its official debut.

By the time the brand of british origin has not confirmed which will be the proposed mechanics for the european market, but is expected to use the engine DOHC VTI-TECH 1.5-liter with 106 HP and a torque of 137 Nm, which gives life to the MG 3. In addition, it is possible that the offer is added to the diesel DTi-TECH 1.9-litre, 150 HP and 350 Nm of torque that is used in the Uk by the MG 6.

versions more simple iran associated with a system of front-wheel drive, while the more equipped they will have four wheel drive.