The MG SZ 2018 passes us in this teaser


First sketch of the MG ZS for the Hall of Guangzhou

The development of the MG ZS 2018 is coming to an end as we were beginning to intuit through our spy photos. The manufacturer, now part of the asian giant Nanjing Automobile, continues with its process of resurgence following the launch of the compact SUV MG GS with a model of lower size. Although what we have seen on numerous occasions in disguise, today we’ll know a little better your final design thanks to this sketch.

So we understand, this MG ZS will be a SUV small size. A rival to the Nissan Juke which despite its longevity in the market continues to be the benchmark in this class of vehicles. MG, that was in the hands of chinese since 2007, does not want to lose sight of their English origin, so that its design will be very european although it is not its main market.


The MG ZS in our latest spy photos

SAIC, a well-known brand belonging to the great Nanjing has been commissioned to develop a design that is of the taste global even more, pulling it towards the west than the east. In fact, both in this sketch as in spy photos of the MG ZS, the SUV of small size reminds us of the SUV’s from Mazda in some of the details. A design more youthful and edgy than that of the MG GS will be able to captivate the young audience at the same time it offers quality materials with some aspiration premium in them.

inside you will use the same platform of the MG GS. Although they share bowels the outside size will be significantly lower, however will also share certain engines such as the drive gasoline 1.5-liter 163-HP and 250 Nm of maximum torque. We assume that this mechanism will be the high for this model because according to our information, the MG ZS will be the first model of the brand in entering the propeller three-cylinder petrol and 1.0-litre cubicaje. Similarly, the small SUV could incorporate the transmission of double clutch of his brother.

The MG ZS will make its debut the November 18 during the exhibition in Guangzhou possibly in the format of a prototype very close to the production model. His arrival at the dealers will be made at the end of next year, as model 2018. By then, his landing in the United Kingdom will be very close. For the moment GM has no intention of returning to our market but we do not rule out such a possibility for the future.