The MG X-Motion Concept debuts in China: With a touch of Mazda

The Car show of Beijing 2018 has been the scenario chosen for implementation over this prototype of MG, that can’t hide its similarities with the models of Mazda.

Orne of the novelties that the former british firm MG, now the property of china SAIC Motor Corporation, led to the Auto show in Beijing 2018 is this prototype of a crossover that will be positioned as top of the range when it reaches the market the next year.

The choice of this quote automobile has not been casual to MG, since this is the market from which the greater part of their sales. The new MG X-Motion is a conceptual work that anticipate the forms of the next model of the company and accentuates even more the similarities with respect to the models of Mazda. Highlights your grill of large dimensions, thin headlights main and some daytime running lights for LEDs.

body has a curvilinear design and muscular, thanks to its bulging wheel arches and a line of waist high that manages to accentuate its dynamic look. In behind include their drivers in the rear is design good slim and a few double exhaust pipes integrated in the bumper.

Of time the manufacturer has not released images of the interior, for which we do not know if this prototype has a dashboard similar to the one used in the current range of crossovers of the company or if, in contrast, uses a novel design. What we do know is that it is a model five-seater, which at least initially will not be available with three rows of seats.

If we talk about mechanical, by the time MG has not given details, beyond confirming that the initial bid will include a four-cylinder 2.0-liter cubicaje. In addition to subsequently the model will be available with a propulsion system purely electric which still have not been given specifications.