The MG ZS 2018 continues with its development and begins to lose camouflage

MG ZS 2018 - foto espía

We managed to hunt down and kill new al-MG ZS during a testing session.

This past month of August has been very intense in the development of the new MG ZS is concerned. The new urban crossover in the who are working the boys of MG has taken big steps in his development is concerned. Is more, if not many days ago we got to take a spy photos of the MG ZS with its body short, just a week after we managed to photograph it again.

over the last few weeks we have been able to see how the units of the MG ZS hunted for our photographers have followed losing camouflage and now has the characteristic vinyl with white squares and black. If we take into account that just a week ago to this camouflage, we had to add fabric color black, the “uncap” it has been more than evident.

The new MG ZS will be within the range of MG one step below the GS. It is characterized by having a design youthful, modern and attractive which attract the attention of a younger audience. In spite of this, will not give up the keys and essence that characterize MG in his second life. And is to provide a vehicle of acceptable quality and mechanical reliable at a price pretty tight.

MG ZS 2018 - foto espía

The new MG ZS will be an urban crossover, located a step below the GS in the range of MG.

Although to a large extent the design will be influenced by the current MG GS, the new ZS will also borrow certain elements that we find in the MG Icon Crossover Concept and in the MG3 (a model dye urbanites who competes in the B segment). Such is the relationship that will be saved with the above-mentioned MG GS, which even will also make use of the same platform.

In regard to subparagraph (mechanical, the main novelty that we will encounter will be the arrival of the new gasoline engine of 1.0-liter turbo three-cylinder. And although it is not confirmed, there is talk of the possibility of that is also available in the range the new automatic change of double clutch and seven relations that are currently in the MG GS.

¿When it will come to the market? The “little brother” of the MG GS will be ready to land in dealerships in the last quarter of next year to 2017. In any case, the MG ZS will hit the market as a model for 2018. For the moment, and although MG is doing things very well in the Uk, the brand will continue to have no official presence in Spain.

MG ZS 2018 - foto espía frontal

The new MG ZS will have a design influenced by the MG GS and MG Icon Crossover Concept.