The microhibridación comes to the range VW Golf with the new engine 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion

The new engine of 1.5 litres of the Volkswagen Group premiered the disconnect system of selective cylinder and now adds a system micro hybrid 12 volt to improve the consumption, which in cycle extra urban is only 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Llarge bet that Volkswagen of the future is related to the electric cars as the German manufacturer prepares a complete family of models with purely electric which will begin to arrive in the market next year. However, this does not prevent to continue developing their engines and thermal the new TSI 1.5 has just received updates to improve their efficiency, which initially will be available in the range Golf.

engine 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion now combines with a micro-hybrid which offers a fuel economy similar to diesel. The engine develops 130 HP and has a shut-off system of selective cylinder, which according to the needs you can turn them off and may even stop altogether, whenever it is associated to the gearbox autumática DSG dual-clutch.

Combined with the system micro-hybrid, the fuel consumption in combined cycle of the new 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion has been reduced to just to 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres, the consumption-extra-urban just 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

The system micro-hybrid, 12 volt, using a lithium-ion battery and a compact design, that enables the supply of energy to the systems of the car when the engine is not turned on. Thanks to the combination of all these technologies, Volkswagen managed to reduce the consumption in a considerable way, a 10% more efficient than any gasoline engine equivalent.

This combination of technologies will be properly available to other proponents of the brand, which bets on a reduction in the number of cylinders and the displacement, in combination with systems of microhibridación, with the purpose of reducing the consumption of fuel. In a first stage the new 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion will be available in the Golf and Golf Variant (Family),, although later this propellant will come to other models and even to the other brands within the Group: Audi, SEAT and Škoda.