The Mighty Deck Suzuki debut at the Tokyo Motor Show


The Tokyo Motor Show was the venue chosen to show the Suzuki Mighty Deck, a sort of modern reissue of Boy Mighty 1980s


Suzuki-Mighty-Deck E l Suzuki Mighty Deck is one of the novelties that the Japanese will be taking the Tokyo Motor Show to be held later this month. This is a prototype that brings us back to Mighty Boy , this time under the format of a conceptual work that as the product of the 1980s is a small pickup in the format ‘kei-car’ .

The inspiration for his exterior aesthetics is related to the products to be used on the beach, a kind of Citroën Cactus M but Japanese scale.

has a canvas roof and modular cargo box is covered in wood , along with a seating arrangement of type 2 + 2. All under the package of ‘kei-car’ intended for urban use. The cargo area can be repositioned to meet various purposes, since may extend to allow transport large objects.

The Suzuki Mighty Deck measuring just 3,395 mm long , 1,475 mm wide and 1,540 mm high. Under the hood with a turbo 3 cylinder block and 658 cubic centimeters engine displacement associated with a S-Energy electric motor Charge which has not released its ranks power.

For the moment is only a prototype, several of which Suzuki is leading the Japanese Salon. For details will have to wait until the end of the month.



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