The milestone of Alberto Prieto in the Dakar 2016


the music world has been shaken with the death of Lemmy Kilmister, leader of the heavy metal band Motörhead. Millions of fans have said goodbye to the charismatic lead vocalist and among them without doubt is Alberto Prieto. This rock madrid hurries the last few hours before contesting his first Dakar in an adventure that will take place on a Yamaha Raptor 700 that has received the nickname of ‘Kilmister Machine’ and that will wear a flag of his admired Horse. However, the great peculiarity is that Alberto Prieto will be the first pilot to participate in the Dakar with only one arm.

Alberto Prieto faces a challenge, major, try to finish the Dakar with only one arm. This madrid suffered a traffic accident in 2003 and as a result of the same and a process of hyperextension of the nerves, just have a 10% mobility in his left arm. This fatal event, however, allowed the Spanish rider to change the chip and convert the sport into a way to continue his life. Not only is facing the Dakar, but also in recent years he has practiced boxing, muay thay, marathons, triathlons and has even followed riding a bike.


The constant falls due to the limitations of a motorcycle and his arm led him to test in quad, vehicle that was entered in the Rally Guarani, a test of the Dakar Series. This rally has a similar performance to the Dakar and although it is disputed in 6 days rather than two weeks, served to check the validity of Alberto Prieto as a pilot. In fact, the spaniard finished tenth in the category of quads, despite having almost fifty enrolled. This result was decisive, and decisive for that the organization of the Dakar will give the OK.

Alberto Prieto travels to Argentina with the goal of completing the Dakar, although it will be complicated. The mechanical breakdowns are a torment since with only one arm, the repairs are complicated. In addition to your condition forces you to ride seated, which load especially your back. To overcome this fact, Prieto has trained in Morocco and Paraguay your quad, an adapted vehicle that allows you to control everything with his right arm. The clutch is situated next to the change, and the throttle, the reverse is going on the right foot, and instruments of navigation are also going to the right side of the quad. As he sang Lemmy: ‘Live to Win’.