The millionaires Porsche 911 of the auction of RM Sotheby's in London 2016


Porsche 911 GT2 of 1995

This week took place in London one of the auction regulars RM Sotheby’s, in which, as is usual in events of this prestigious auction house we could find numerous models rare and, above all, in a state exceptional. Among the great variety of available lots we could find pieces that are as flashy as a real Shelby Cobra 289, 1963 or a Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Split Window Coupe is also in the same year, parts are very hard to find in Europe, however, once it finished the auction, the true star of the event had not been another blue Porsche 911 GT2 generation 993 that appears on the images, obtained a final bid more than 2 times higher to the already bulging higher estimates that had been granted initially.

Finally, this example in striking color Riviera Blue 1995 found a new owner for nothing less than 1,84 million Pounds, little more of 2.18 million euros, a number of authentic record to one of these copies.

The Porsche 911 GT2 was the response of the German mark to the need to participate in competition with a rear-wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive system that incorporates the Turbo version of that time. In total were created around 194 copies of the 911 GT2, of which approximately 57 ended up in specifications of street, the rest ended up in the circuits of half the world. Versions more wild and listed were the 911 GT2 Evo, not precisely belongs to this unit in vibrant blue, so it has more value if it is the result I got this week in London.


More than two million were paid to the London this week for this issue.

Although there ended up being the most expensive piece of the event in london, this honor went to the Aston Martin DB4GT 1960 by 2.40 million Pounds, what is certain is that his price far exceeded that of vehicles traditionally more expensive. In the same sale we could find several models quoted of the brand of Maranello, such as the most current Ferrari F40 and Enzo, followed by a 250 GT Cabriolet series II Pinin Farina 1960 in addition to other examples of Great Tourism today, such as a 575 M Maranello, or a also unlikely F512 M.

although the F40 stood at the gates of the current record, just recently, the Enzo couldn’t reach their reserve price and the classic cabriolet 1960, it reached a respectable figure of 1.28 million Pounds. Other examples curious of this auction could be the Lancia Stratos HF Stradale, 1971, Audi Sport Quattro, Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, or Ford RS200 Stradale, these three last specimens of 1986.

But of the long list of batches, shaped by sports, classic and even racing models, ranging from 1897 up to the beginning of the TWENTY-first century, the models that stood out greatly were those of the German Porsche. If, on the one hand we had the 911 GT2 blue, with 12.730 km of use, and a history limited to a single propietarior since it came out of the factory in 1995, joined other copies of the 911 air-cooled they also achieve spectacular results.


Only 100 units were assembled with these specifications Clubsport.

on the one hand we find a splendid specimen of the 911 Carrera RS Clubsport 1995, a series of only 100 units created to homologate the RSR 3.8 in the categories GT3 and GT4 BPR, based on the Carrera Cup competition, used a version of greater engine displacement maximum power that we could find in the Carrera RS conventional. With 3.8 liters, the engine M64/20 had the system Variocam and given a few 304 HP (300 hp) and 355 Nm of maximum torque.

version Clubsport was characterized by few specifications closest to the circuit that a model of street, in addition to the impressive aerodynamic kit outer, these versions added seats bacquets with safety harnesses, roll cage, fire extinguishers, electrical on-off switch, enhanced suspension and removed all the trim, interior, unnecessary items to be used in the circuit.

Acquired in October 1995, the red Clubsport has only travelled 9,000 kilometres, in spite of which has had a maintenance exquisite, made scrupulously by its only owner to date. In London was unable to reach a spectacular price of 403.00 Pounds, a few 476.240 euros at current exchange, about two times the higher estimates that we gave earlier in the auction.


Copy of 1995 with only 9.000 kms.

on the other hand, were a unit of the previous generation, a 911 Turbo S Lightweight in 1993, the last of his generation, 964, born in the late eighties. These versions Lightweight were the last evolution of the 911 Turbo, presented at the Geneva motor show of 1992 as a simple study of design, their exceptional acceptance meant that Porsche decided to make a short limited series of these brutal specimens.

Developed by the Exclusive Department in Zuffenhausen, officially received the name 911 Turbo S, although they are popularly known by the nickname Lightweight. Based on the 911 Turbo, Porsche did an extensive work on the engine of 3.3 liters, raising its output from the 324 HP (320 hp) original to the 386 HP (381 hp). The benefits were also improved, coming in at 4.7 seconds to do the 0 to 100 km/h with a maximum speed of 290 km/h.

The nickname Lightweight due to the dramatic weight reduction that you received with respect to the 911 Turbo conventional, encrypted in 180 kilos less, so in scale it was only 1.290 kilos. To do this, the German brand eliminated all possible, starting with all the basic equipment such as electric windows, air-conditioning or adjustable seats. In addition, several body panels were replaced by others made of composite materials as well as crystals of less thickness andn the whole car except the front windshield. The result was a more warm, noisy and lighter 911 Turbo.


Created as a simple design studio, we finally made 86 units.

This specimen came out of the auction in London with a price that exceeded up to four times its highest estimated value. To do this we were missing reasons, this is one of the 86 Turbo S Lightweight was manufactured and until now has had only two owners and a use really low at the time of its sale it had a mileage of just 6.303 km.

maintenance has been great and currently has the certificate of authenticity official Porsche, which proves that it is one of those belonging to this rare limited series.

Finally, achieved a value of 974,400 persons pounds, little more than 1.15 billion euros, beating even the Ferrari F40-1990’s that changed hands in the same event, a magnificent example of the Italian sports that had the rare distinction of having had only one owner during this time and whose marker showed the incredible figure of only 5,700 km of use, quite a treat for the collectors and was sold by 924.000 Pounds.


he Weighed 180 pounds less and had 61 HP more than the 911 Turbo’s standard.

Beating the previous record for the Italian model in an auction in Europe, the 793.000 Pounds that were paid for a copy similar at the Nürburgring Oldtimer Grand Prix the last summer of 2015 and that up to last August it became the Ferrari F40 most expensive in history, when in Monterey 2016 was auctioned off to the F40 ex Carl Haas, who showed a surprising mileage of only 900 miles.

it Is clear that the Porsche, especially the series more rare 911, are a safe bet for collectors and investors as the Ferrari of the 50s and 60s never stop raising its value. Regardless of the march of the markets, are a safe bet and constant.